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Impression Kit Policy

Taking impression is very important to get a perfect fit veneers and Pioneers Veneers invest a lot of time and money to follow up your impression taking procedure.

Please see our Video tutorial for impression taking video:

Pioneers Veneers insist that you do not start mixing the impression material without following up with our customer service agents by Email “ info@pioneersveneers.com

Customer can get an impression kit for the first time only for free, this kit allows him to make 2 impressions with an extra one as spare.

Please remember to save the third pair of impression materials to our request, you will send us the impressions photos by E-MAIL, we will inspect the impressions and if any of two impressions has to be repeated, we will ask you to use the third one and guide you to the correct way.

If the customer failed to make the needed impressions well and he needs another impression kit, then the customer has to pay for the price of the new kit which is 30 dollars.

Impression kits fees are non-refundable even if the customer cancelled the order for any reason, once the kit is used then the customer has to pay for it.

You can order another veneers if you had no change in your teeth condition. We will keep your 3D model of your impressions for a year from your order date.

Changes in the policy

How Policy Changes will be informed

BSV has the right to modify, add or delete any of the rules, terms, conditions, or benefits, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may reduce (or increase) the value of the website offers or an individual’s benefits. If we change the policy in a manner that materially impacts your Shipment policy or impression kits policy we will provide additional notice to you. We will post Date of last update to our Shipping and impression kits policy on our website by placing a prominent notice on our site.




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