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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund Policy
Pioneers Veneers are Custom made for each customer and that makes the refund not an easy step
Purchasing from Pioneers Veneers is not like purchasing off-the-shelf product from a store, or an online seller , you can return a shelf product and it can be used with another customer but this is not the case for a custom made product like Pioneers Veneers
That’s why Pioneers Veneers does not provide any Full refund after delivering the customer a full finished appliance as we invest a lot of money and man power to deliver an end product to our customer.

Why customer may ask for a refund after clip on veneers delivery?

First of all, Customer may not be satisfied or comfortable with Pioneers Veneers

In matter of fact , it is very normal with any custom made dental appliance that it may need a remake couple of times till we achieve full customer satisfaction even if the customer went to a dental office.
It happens that veneers are perfect from the first time they are made but in other trials it may need several remakes till perfection is achieved, one of the main reasons for this is a good impression made by the customer.
It is very important for the customer to be aware that we may need couple of times in some cases to get perfect veneers

Normal Complains with Pioneers Veneers
There are some normal complains that customers will notice once using Pioneers Veneers:
1.Clip on veneers are tight over your teeth and sometimes little pain
2.Like you are not talking freely or normally , something like a lisp
3.Rubbing against your gums , discomfort with tongue and lips
4.Saliva going between veneers and teeth.
5.A feeling you are having a bigger teeth but with only 0.4mm big

All these complains are very normal and it doesn’t mean that there is a defect in your Clip on veneers if you are complaining any of these complains , also you cannot ask for a refund if you are complaining any of these complains .
All these complains will totally fade away within 1-5 weeks till your body gets used to Clip on veneers and there is nothing we can do to make your body get used faster .

If the customer is not satisfied, Pioneers Veneers is willing to redo or remake their veneers up to three times at no cost to the customer.

Any complain MUST be supported with photo and video evidence.

If the customer thinks that the product he received is faulty or doesn’t fit good then we need a photo and video proof before agreeing of the product being faulty and remake will be the only solution

Our Valued customer should be aware that we don’t make veneers to fit his teeth , we make veneers to fit the impressions the customer sent us , which in most of cases the impressions are the exact replica of customer’s teeth , Yet if there is a huge error in veneers it is mostly due to a fault with customer’s impressions taken by him.
There is no error in our fabrication process, we make veneers that perfectly fits with customer’s impression that’s why Pioneers Veneers asks the customers to not make the impressions without following our how to make impressions video

Some Customers may not want to complete this process, so customers can change their mind and stop the remake process and in this case if the fault is clearly fabrication issue and not one of the normal points the happens with using veneers for the first couple of weeks or damage caused by the customer and customer refused the remake and there is really a defect assessed by us, then we will make the refund minus 300 Dollars
If the refund is approved by us, your refund will be made within 90 days from:

The day that we have authorized the evidence you have sent us and we approve that the issue is active and there is no way to solve it

If Customer makes an order then he wants to cancel it: “No impression kit sent “
Once the order was made on our website but No impression kit was sent, then we can make full refund minus 15 dollars administration fees.

If customer makes an order then he wants to cancel it: “Impression kit sent “
Please remember, you must request your refund within 10 business days of receiving the Self

-Impression Kit
We have 2 situations:
1.If the customer opened the kit, then he will get full refund minus US $ 60 which includes (shipping fees, administration fees and impression kit price)
Please remember, you must send the impression kit back within 10 business days of informing us your cancelling request.
2.If customer didn’t open the kit, then he will get full refund minus US $ 30 which includes (shipping fees and administration fees)


-Refund is done only when the customer ships us back the unused impression kit and we make sure that it is sealed and not used.

-Shipping is free only when the order is completed, yet if the customer cancels the order, he has the right to cancel the order minus its cost

-Impression kit costs US $ 30 so if you open it, you have the right to cancel the order minus its cost.


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